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Random Repeditive Ramblings for now people

18 July 1981
Cork, Ireland
Millstreet Community School - Millstreet County Cork IE (1994 - 2000)
University College Cork - Cork County Cork IE (2000 present)
Interests: (123)
a/state, alcohol, animation, anime, art, a|state, baldurs gate, blackadder,, books, booze, bruce lee, call of cthulhu, camarilla, cinema, classical music, clerks, computer games, computers, conversation, cork city, curry, danish pastries, dark city, david eddings, daydreaming, deftones, depression, digital art, dilbert, dogma, dogs, dragons, drinking, drinking games, elder scrolls, everclear, fantasy, fantasy art, fear factory, feeder, fight club, film, films, foo fighters, friends, futurama, games, games workshop, gaming, george r r martin, ghost in the shell, green day, h.r. giger, heavy metal music, iain m. banks, ian m banks, idleness, incubus, ireland, jackie chan, jet li, kung fu films, larping, libraries, literature, lord of the rings, love, mallrats, manga, martial arts, mathematics, medieval warfare, metal, monty python, morrowind, movie, movies, music, mythology, nine inch nails, nirvana, nonsense, people-watching, philosophy, photography, physical chemistry, physics, pleasure, portishead, princess bride, punk, raymond e feist, reading, red dwarf, rem, riftwar, rock music, role-playing, roleplaying, satire, schubert, science, science fiction, shiny things, simulations, smoking, spaced, strategy games, system of a down, tattoo, tea, terry pratchett, texas hold 'em, the aliens films, the pixies, unspeakable vault of doom, wargames, warhammer 40k, water, whisky, words, writing
Am married, have a kid and used to study Physics, then did a degree in Economics/Philosophy. I now doing a PhD in Economics/Applied Maths.

Have an active interest in Politics both Irish and International.